Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to produce?

The production schedule is the biggest factor in how quickly we can produce your mascot. Most taking 6-8 weeks, with some as little as 4 and some as long as 10. Your delivery date will be confirmed when you have completed the design process and paid your deposit.

How do you make your mascot costumes?

Using our years of experience there are some essential parts of a costume that you must get right. We ensure the design of our costumes is always lightweight, easy to wash, and performer friendly. The built in street hockey helmet and chin strap are the core components inside the heads and are made out of a durable closed cell foam. The bodies are lined with athletic mesh to ensure they last longer and the hands detach from the body so they are easy to replace or change. The performer can insert their own shoe of choice into the internal strapping system inside the feet.

How long do your costumes last?

This answer depends on you and how well you look after your costume. Costumes can easily last over 6 years, depending on the frequency of performance. Hands and feet usually wear the fastest and may need to be replaced sooner but with proper care and maintennce you should have a long lasting relationship with your mascot

Can you duplicate our existing costume?

Absolutely! Although you must be advised that there may be some slight difference, most not distinguishable, as patterns and materials will vary. We also endeavour to upgrade your old design to remove any flaws.

Can you make me an "insert character name here " costume?

It is imperative that you have the licence to reproduce the costume, if not we are unable to create the mascot for you.


How much does a custom mascot costume cost?

As each of our costumes are unique to you there is not one set preice. We take into consideration design, materials, logos and accessories, as well as the quantity of mascots to create your quotation price. An approximate cost would be in the range of $4,000-$12,000 with most mascot costumes falling in the $5,000-$7,000 range. We also offer discounts in the price for multiple costumes.

Is there a charge for the rights to the character?

If we develop a completely new character for you, the rights to the character will be included in the design fee.

What do you charge for artwork?

If you have no concept for your mascot in mind, we can create your design for you for between $175 - $1500, depending on the design. If you already have a concept in mind, we are more than happy to provide you with a black and white concept sketch free of charge.

What are your payment terms?

A 50% deposit is required to schedule your project and begin construction. The full balance plus shipping costs are due prior to the costume departing the studio.

Do you accept payment with credit/debit cards?

We do, however there is a 1.5% convience fee.

Other Services

Can you store/ship our costume?

Yes, we have an entire warehouse to store costumes in and have negotiated discounted rates for shipping with both UPS and FedEx.

Can you clean our costume?

Yes, we can deep clean and make minor repairs to your mascot costume.

Can you make replacement parts for our current costume?

Yes, we offer hands, feet, and whatever else you need.

Can you repair our current costume?

Yes we can!

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