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Whether it’s a brand new custom designed and made costume, a fresh and modern upgrade of your existing costume, custom clothing and wardrobe pieces, replacement costume parts or just repairs and deep cleaning... we do it all.  

Our work has entertained on the biggest stages in the world. We aren’t just making costumes, we’re creating and delivering the valuable tools our clients need at a standard of quality they expect. We have industry professionals on staff to consult and guide you through this awesome process.

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We are a family owned design and creation company with over 50 years of costume making experience, producing internationally renowned mascots built in Chicago, the capital of the mascot universe.  From our client focused character design process, to producing durable, attractive costumes made for maximum performability, we’ve gained the trust of our client family and we’d love to help you as well. 

Why choose Chicago Mascot Company?

Impressive Design

Our team have learnt directly from the best, building an extensive knowledge of the history of mascots and the art styles that influence character design. We consider factors such as vision, ventilation, mobility, and ease of use and translate your brand into a unique and memorable character that your fans will love.

Great Costumes

We only use the best materials and tried and tested production methods for all of our mascots.

Hand made in our Chicago studio, our team use their extensive experience think about every detail to ensure you the best costume.

Real Support

Without the support of your organization, a mascot will not live up to it's full potential. We can assist with your 'Mascot Program'  to ensure that your Mascot will fully engage your desired audience.

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