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Why Choose Us

Chicago Mascots is a family-owned design and creation company with over 50 years of costume making experience, producing internationally renowned mascots built in Chicago — the capital of the mascot universe.  


From our client-focused character design process, to our production of durable, attractive costumes made for maximum performability, we’ve gained the trust and adoration of our client family. 

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. Let’s do this!

Designed by the Pros

Whether we’re helping you design a new mascot from scratch, or if you’re just looking to upgrade elements of your current costume, we have the right team to do it. A professional mascot needs to be designed with an understanding of how it will be made, and what the performer inside will experience. Vision, mobility, ventilation, comfort, and washability are our top criteria. Our design team is comprised of professional mascots and artists that have spent their entire careers performing at the highest level. This leaves no disconnect between form and function.

Digital Renderings


We believe in high quality materials and detail-focused construction. Our mascots are handmade at our Chicago headquarters by experienced artists and creators that take pride in making performer friendly, durable costumes for every client. Before you make the mistake of purchasing a cheap costume from a mysterious location — one which looks different than advertised, one that loses its shape, and one that doesn’t fit —  be a hero. And work with a company that can deliver the real deal.

Service & Support

We believe in being available. Simple as that. Your costuming company should respond quickly and with genuine care for your questions. Our dedicated staff is here to answer your inquiries, hear your thoughts, and suggest solutions throughout the entire life cycle of your costume.

Get your free quote today from Chicago Mascot Company!

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