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Made in America, performed around the globe!

Professional, high quality custom-made mascot costumes, as well as custom wardrobe outfits for any occasion. 
Made by us, just for you.
Whether it was a full costume build, or one of the many other mascot services we provide, here’s a peek at some of the teams and creatures that CMC has partnered with in recent years.
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Whether you’re modernizing your current costume or starting from scratch, our team of designers guide you through this exciting process.

For any number of reasons, you may need/want a new company to take over making your existing costume design. Yep, we can do that. 

We specialize in making custom themed outfits and accessories just for your character.

Minor fixes or major repairs, little bit dirty or real nasty… we can help.

Building a head

Hire a professional mascot actor to make your mascot stand out from the crowd

We securely store, maintain, and ship mascots for companies all over the world

Have your performers professionally trained to get the most out of them

Come and rent one of our many mascots and costumes for a one time event


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